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  • September 2020 - Our work on defluorinative transformations of aryl C-F bonds using photoredox catalysis is out today in JACS! Congrats to Vince and Megan for their hard work.
  • August 2020 - Our collaboration with the Li lab at UNC is now live at Nature Catalysis - here we disclose a method for the selective deoxyfluorination of biaryl ethers for the installation of both F19 and F18 groups.
  • June 2020 - Our collaboration with the Brustad group is now live at ChemBioChem! Check it out and learn how acridinium salts behave in enzyme environments.
  • June 2020 - Using a combination of acridinum and cobalt catalysis, we have developed a method for the homobenzylic oxidation of aromatic substrates, now published in JACS! Congrats to Josh, Jeremy, and Alex!
  • June 2020 - Nick V.'s work on ipso-substitution reactions using primary amine nucleophiles is now published in Organic Letters! Congrats Nick!
  • May 2020 - The combined efforts of members of our lab and teaching faculty at UNC in preparing a modified CURE course for undergraduate organic chemistry students are now published in J. Chem. Ed.!
  • April 2020 - Our work on highly reducing acridine radicals is now available in Nature! Congrats to Ian, Leifeng, Nick O, Olivia, Khadiza, and the rest of the team at both UNC and Kent State University!
  • February 2020 - Our method for arene C-H alkylation using diazoacetate derivatives as been published in ACIE! Congrats Natalie Holmberg-Douglas and Nick O!
  • January 2020 - Check out our new work on selective piperizine functionalization, in collaboration with GSK, out now in Organic Letters! Congrats to Josh, Nick O and the rest of the team.

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